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Chenopodium Album (BATHWA) has a lot of medicinal properties like a contraceptive, laxative, etc., and also useful for the treatment of rheumatism, bug bites, sunstroke, urinary problem, skin problems, etc. The leaves and young sprouts of this plant are used such a soup, curries, and parathas. Chenopodium Album used to treat various symptoms due to nutritional deficiencies.


Family Amaranthaceae Odour Characteristic odour
Latin Name CHENOPODIUM ALBUM Herb Extract Ratio
Sanskrit Name Vastuka Water solubility Water soluble: NLT 7
Common Name BATHWA Alkaloid
Solvent Used Water Taste Characterstic Taste
Storage Condition Store in a Dry and cool place in double PP bag with container.Appearance Brown Powder

Total heavy metal NMT 10 ppm

Total heavy metal NMT 10 ppm Arsenic NMT 3 ppm
Lead- NMT 10 ppm
Cadmium NMT 0.3 ppm
Mercury NMT 1 ppm
Total Plate Count NMT 1000 CFU/G
Yeast & Moulds NMT 100 CFU/G
E-Coli Absent
Salmonella Absent
Staphylococcus aureus Absent/G
Pseudomonas Absent/G


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